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Human Resource

Implementing innovative human resources systems to ensure that organization structures are in line with the strategic plans and targets of our company and our human resources are managed efficiently to keep "EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION AT THE UTMOST LEVEL";


Selection and Recruitment

Instead of an employee profile who shall meet only the current days' needs, recruiting under the principle of equal chance, without making any differentiation candidates who have the knowledge accumulation and potential for development, who consider team work as an indispensable part of the business life, who depend on human values and who shall carry our company to the future,


Training and Development

Creating an organization that learns by implementing trainings to ensure corporate and individual development,



Developing career improvement possibilities of our employees by preparing a professional business environment which provides every chance for development and raising from this day for the leader staff of the future,



To make an objective evaluation of performance with the purpose of contributing to the development of our employees and our company, to reward success,


Our Families

As a determinant of our success in the realization of our company's targets, seeing the families of our employees also as an integral part of our organization,

Having the values of the community adopted, ensuring employee satisfaction and equal opportunities in all practices are the determinants of our main Human Resources policy.


Business Opportunities

Mobilon Telecom, being aware that the performance and competence of its staff are the most important stones that pave the road to success, it implements a careful and attentive recruitment procedure in order to place the right candidates at the right positions.

In our institution, all functions have a business profile, and in line with it the competences required by business profiles and general qualifications required by function are determined. In the framework of staff requirement, candidates are evaluated according to the qualifications and competences required by the business profile.

Mobilon Telecom receives applications through the internet and answers one by one through the same channel. In the event that there are open positions, adequate candidates are called to the central office for an interview and the first interview is made by the Human Resources Department. If the interview ends positively, a second interview is held with the manager of the related department.

In the event that the candidate is found suitable, all information concerning the position as well as the rights and benefits are explained to the candidate in the proposal to be made by the Human Resources department.

Entry procedures are carried out after acceptance of the proposal by the candidates.